The Outdoor Studio

My unique outdoor studio is one-of-a-kind in the Central Florida area. The Outdoor Studio is privately located on six acres and a gator-free lake. I have created three beautiful studio sets for truly stunning portraits!

Your family will have so much fun as they play and have a wonderful adventure during your photo session! Come create precious memories at The Outdoor Studio!

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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is the perfect spot for your dreamy family portraits! It has a gorgeous plant-covered archway, wild ferns, hanging Spanish moss, a large cypress log for family poses, and beautiful lighting! I can customize this photo for your session! We've done tea parties, baby bubble baths, and holiday themes! This is a client favorite! 

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The Lake Swing

Does your child love to swing? This lakefront view offers a gorgeous rope swing! It'll guarantee smiles and giggles while providing a romantic photo spot!

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Tractor Town

Is your little guy obsessed with digging and driving? Yeah, mine is too! What photo session would be complete without pictures of your child doing what he loves MOST! Front End Loaders, Dump Trucks and Tractors are well as lots of sand!