A Family Story: Mount Family Portraits by Schrenk Photography, Oviedo, Florida Family Photographer, The Outdoor Studio in Central Florida

My evening at The Outdoor Studio in Oviedo, FL with the Mount family was amazing! Their love is breathtaking, and the care that they show for each other is truly a gift from God!

I loved watching Dad play with his boys, how big brother held his baby brother, the love in Mom's eyes as she read to her boys, and the cuddles of Mom and Dad together! These four love to laugh, dance, and play! 

Baby C is ADORABLE! His big brown eyes and blonde curls are irresistible! His funny faces and silliness make him the star of the show! I loved his bubble bath photos...and that romper! OMG!

Big Brother C is amazing! I love his deep thoughts and big ideas! The care that he showed for his baby brother was truly stunning! This little guy was the perfect Ironman for our session!

J is such an incredible dad! You can tell that he has spent so much time cultivating a relationship with his sons! The way they looked at and play with him was precious! I loved the giggles J got out of his girl when they were together!

H is such an amazing and gracious mother and wife! Her three boys absolutely adore her! My heart melted when I saw how big brother C looked at his mom and took her face in his hands! When Mom and Dad had their time together, J looked at H like she was the sun in his life! I can tell that this lovely mother is the rock of her family... she loves her little tribe fiercely!

I was incredibly honored to watch the love between this sweet family! Please enjoy a few of my favorites from the Mount Family Session! Tell me in the comments below which one is YOUR favorite! 

" Our Family is a Circle

of Strength and Love

Founded on Faith,

Joined in Love

Kept by God,

Together Forever."