Hobbit Day 2018 Schrenk Photography in Oviedo, Florida. Whimsical Child Photographer in Winter Park and Orlando

Tomorrow is National Hobbit Day!

Its also Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday!

I’ve been a Tolkien enthusiast since I was 11… when I saw The Lord of the Rings for the first time! I remember watching The Fellowship of the Rings with my oldest brother, Andrew, and being totally amazed by the world that Tolkien had created!

I had read the entire trilogy before the second movie came out, and to this day, those books and movies are my favorite! Something about the hobbits reminds me of my hillbilly ancestors from the Ozarks Mountains, and their love for simplicity, berries and cream, and closeness to nature is something that flows in my own veins!

As an artist, I love to create photos that capture what I am passionate about!

You can ask my husband, I am CONSTANTLY dreaming up my next whimsical session! (Currently thinking of a Mary Poppins Inspired Session for this fall!)

Its amazing to dream up a session, plan all the details, and then literally make the photos come to life with poses and amazing edits!

Whether you are a Tolkien lover, or you just admire my adorable kids, you are sure to enjoy this fun post!

Happy Hobbit Day 2018!

Suzannah Schrenk