Harrison Robert - A Mommy and Me Session by Schrenk Photography - Oviedo, Orlando, and Winter Park Family and Newborn Photographer at The Outdoor Studio.


I was trying to decide what to say in this post about Katy and Harrison, and I had a million different ideas that came to mind, but none of them seemed right.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday morning, I was trying to hustle around with my three kids and get us all ready for church. Sunday mornings are always so difficult, and I usually get to church looking AND feeling like a hot mess. (amirite moms??)

Yesterday was no different. I felt defeated by the time we got to church, and it seemed like I had already fought a million different battles just to get there… kids that weren’t listening, a poopy diaper blow-out, no time for makeup or even a shower… and the list goes on.

But God knew my struggles…

After a church service with a screaming baby during prayer time, and two preschoolers that wouldn’t sit quietly, I was definitely feeling like a failure of a mom.

(And I probably looked like a failure to many eyes.)

But then…

A stranger came up to me.

To me.

Not to comment on my cute kids.

Nor to smile at my adorable baby.

He came to talk to ME.

And the words he spoke, with his slow southern accent, shone a light deep into my heart and shook me to my core.

He said:

Little Mama, you are a LIFE-GIVER.

You are the FUTURE. Your work is the most IMPORTANT of all!

Your super-power is… LIVING LIFE! We can all work hard, but nothing we do compares with what you are giving!

We see you. We honor you.

And all of a sudden, when he spoke those words into my SOUL, I felt the weight of my sacrifices and struggles turn into something of great value!

He was right.

My specialty right now is giving of myself in such a way that I am GIVING LIFE ITSELF!

Raising these precious ones is my calling from God.

Just keeping them alive is a real chore… let alone pouring truth and faith into their spirits! It takes all of me!

Guiding the hearts of tomorrow’s adults and helping to form a HUMAN SOUL takes huge SACRIFICE.

Is there any greater of a challenge? Or any greater of a calling?

My beautiful sister-in-law, Katy, is the realization of a LIFE GIVER!

Sweet Katy gives of her time, energy, and body to POUR into the lives of her children.

This spring she literally fought death itself to bring her darling Harrison into the world.

Katy doesn’t look for thanks, or praise, or gratitude for all she does. I’ve never heard her whisper a word of complaint, or brag about the demands of her life as mother of FOUR.

But she deserves every word of praise possible.


She is STRONG.

She understands the eternal weight of her calling.

Katy’s life of sacrifice is like a crown of glory around her head.

You can see her goodness in the smiles of her children, and her faithful love in their laughter.

The way sweet Harrison looks at his mommy boasts of all the snuggles, prayers, and milk that she has poured into that babe!

I was so honored to capture a few shots of love and tenderness between this exceptional woman and her gentle-hearted babe!

I think these photos showcase the connection of souls that these two have!

Please enjoy the photos, and take the time to send encouragement and words of gratitude to the life-giver in your tribe!

Xoxo, Suzannah

Suzannah Schrenk